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If you want to buy, hold and use Bitcoin or other digital assets like stable coins or securitised tokens as part of your portfolio or business, we can help.

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Digital Asset Custody Solutions

Over the last decade, digital assets have provided the world with an entirely new, non-correlated, asset class into which they can invest and store their wealth.

...bitcoin is a non-sovereign, hard cap supply, global, immutable, decentralised, digital, store value. ....What that leads us to is, it is a hedge against monetary and fiscal irresponsibility from central banks and governments globally.”​ - Travis King


Who is DACS?

Digital Asset Custody Solutions Pty Ltd (DACS)

was founded in 2019 to service the needs of new entrants in the digital asset market. Buying, holding and liquidating digital assets either as an individual, corporate or investment fund requires specialist skills, knowledge and technology to offset risks.

Our Services

Velvet Glove Over The Counter Trading Service

DACS offers a bespoke, ‘velvet glove’ service for clients who seek to acquire or divest themselves of bitcoin using a variety of fiat currencies, including USD, AUD, SGD & HKD.

The service is unique in that it offers access to BTC and liquidity across financial jurisdictions. We facilitate purchases and sales of over $10,000 AUD for sophisticated investors..

Custody Solutions

DACS will supply and help our customers secure and set up a hardware wallet or high-security solution specific to their circumstances whether individual or corporate. We offer an online store for easy and secure access at ​​.

Digital Asset Accounting, Audit & Estate Solutions

We provide a range of accounting-based services that allow for reporting and transparency regarding all holdings. We form estate action plans in case of death or other events (commercial or personal) requiring access by a third party. We also offer bespoke solutions for corporations and fund management companies. is an education publication and includes our Podcast ​‘Crypto with Christo’ (Peter Christo our founder). Our objective is to empower our clients so that they understand digital assets as an investment class within the context of their own financial requirements. Moreover, we want our clients to be equipped and be involved in line with their own financial needs.

It is important to note that ​we are not financial advisors, and are not in any way providing investment advice. Our services are for sophisticated investors managing their own wealth. However, we would be happy to work with your advisor or fund manager.

Clients and segments we serve.

Sophisticated Investors

Fund Managers

Private Funds

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Banking and Finance